WLIP Remembering Kenosha Spot a Success!

P. Ciarelli  August 24, 2019

If you missed the radio spot yesterday you missed some laughs and some learning.   If you can make Lou say "I'm the one that tells the jokes around here" you got him!  I think it's pretty safe to say that we learned a bit about the post too.  Here's what I remember:

     - We merged with a second post that was in the city, Post 29 in the 50’s.

     - Post 29 was the group that originally honored Paul Herrick.

     - A couple of cannon shaped brass flag holders, were stolen from us in the 70’s.

     - The house where Paul Herrick grew up is still standing.

     - Tom's granddaughter made her mass market media debut.  Congratulations Mya!

There was much more, but those were then highlights that I remember at the moment, that, and the fact that we wear our hats on our heads (good one Larry!).  

Do you remember more?  How about coming to the Pancake and Porky breakfast on August 31st and share your memories.  There are a bunch of us new guys that would love to hear them!


2019 Department of Wisconsin Convention Photographs...

Our 2019 Department of Wisconsin Delegates were: Crystal Carter, Jon Sutter, Michael Hellquist, Phillip Morris, Kolleen Ruffino, Jon Sutter, and Tom Visintainer

Click the title to see pictures of the event!

Kolleen was the photographer (and there’s never pictures of the photographer!)


Congratulations to the new 2019 staff:

Commander:  Larry Lewens
Adjutant:  TBD
Past Commander:  Ron Hessil 
Past Commander:  Jon Sutter 4/19 - 6/19
1st Vice Cmdr:  Crystal Carter
2nd Vice Cmdr:  Phil Morris
Finance Officer:  Tom Visintainer
Chaplain:  David DeBerge
Sgt at Arms:  Curtis Campbell
Service Officer:  Phil Morris
Judge Advocate:  Steve Tindall

Come to the Sept. 17th Member meeting (7:00pm) and introduce yourself! 
Dedication of Amel's Hanger - August 24th, 5:00 pm
Tom "Woody" Visintainer     August 21, 2019

Come join us this Saturday evening, August 24th, to honor our long time post member and leader Amel Bolyard.   Guests will include members of Amel's family.  

* * * * * 
HOT!  Lou Rugani has donated his two hour spot on Friday August  23 to Post 21.  Join him and his guests Commander Larry Lewens, and First Vice Commander Crystal Carter at 3pm to 5pm on 1050 AM, WLIP.  I'm looking forward to hearing what Kenosha's unofficial historian has to say about the history of the American Legion in Kenosha.  
UPDATE:  The actual interview will start at 3:30pm.