Twin Lakes Police Department Elderly Financial Scam Presentation

Jon Sutter   Dcember 5, 2019

I attended an Elderly Financial Scam class put on by the Twin Lakes Police Department today at 1430. Capt Hall and Officer Ebert gave the class. It was very informative and I didn’t realize how many of our elderly were affected by this. The elderly person does not have to be family. It could be someone who is a Veteran or civilian.

I am trying to find out who the P.O.C. for Kenosha PD and Kenosha Co Sheriff’s Office is so we can get this information to our elderly. If you have information, let us know so we can post it. Maybe we can get a class here in town.

If the named Departments have problems getting a case put together, there is a retired Kenosha PD Det who works for the County of Kenosha Department of Human Services. Her name is Diane Walton, Financial Abuse Investigator. Her number is (262)-605-6619. The calls made to her are confidential and she can get information easier than the Police can because she is not required to have a warrant. 

So if you see, hear, or suspect that an elderly person is being financially scammed, get ahold of KPD or Diane. She is more than happy to take your call.

Consider attending one of these classes out in the County or otherwise if you hear about one. Bring your elderly friends and relatives. They are free. 


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony
Steve Tindal November 29, 2019

At 4 P.M. on Saturday, December 7, 2019, American Legion Paul Herrick Post 21 will honor its namesake with a ceremony at the Post located at 504 58th Street. Join us as we renew our Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, and hear about the attack and the man the Post honors to this day. Additional live music will be performed along with the sounding of Taps by Bugles Across America. Light refreshments will be offered upon the conclusion of the ceremony.​​​​​​​
Access to Commissary, Military Service Exchange, and MWR to begin on Jan 1, 2020 for many veterans.
P. Ciarelli  November 12, 2019

If you fall into one of these categories, check out the links in this article.
  • Veterans
    • Purple Heart recipients
    • former prisoners of war
    • Veterans with 0-90% service-connected disability ratings

(For former service members who have not yet sought disability compensation from VA, visit

  • Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are already eligible under existing DOD policy.
  • Caregivers
    • On Jan. 1, individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregiver of an eligible veteran under the PCAFC will be eligible for these privileges.
    • For information about primary family caregivers in the PCAFC, visit Article​​​​​​​
Paul Herrick Post 21 Makes the Front Page.
P. Ciarelli  November 12, 2019

I've been delinquent lately concerning updates to this website as I've been trying to rebuild it using more modern software.  What I'm not to busy for though is to tip my hat to Tom Visintainer for organizing the various Veternans Day ceremonies that were held at the post this past week.  It looks like the Kenosha News thought he did pretty good too because we got the front page.   Big shout out to the Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans Honor Guard and the active members who made it possible.  

Post 21 Historian gives US Flag presentation to local Scouts
P. Ciarelli  October 27, 2019

Did you know that our post historian, Carl Bogar, is a bonified historian.  He certainly proved it to a group of Boy/Cub Scouts this past Thursday at Jeffery Elementary School.  The presentation was very informative, and I can say with confidence that everyone there learned something.  I hope I can speak for everyone in thanking Carl for representing the Post so well.   Click the pic above to see some photos.

Chili Cookoff Fundraiser Announced!

P. Ciarelli  October 22, 2019

The 7th Annual Chilli Cookoff will be held on February 22nd, 2020.  The event is being co-sponsored with Pleasant Prairie VFW Post 7308.  Click the Pic for full details on the VRE Page.  


Underway! One sailor’s story of life aboard US Navy destroyers.  by Steve Tindall

P. Ciarelli  September 3, 2019

Post Member Steve Tindall has written a book about his experiences on active duty.  You can purchase it on Amazon!  The ebook is only 4.99, but how are you going to get the author to sign that!  Congratulations Steve!


New Page:  Veteran Related Events (VRE)

P. Ciarelli  September 13, 2019

I was at the Hero's Cafe today for the first time.  Great bunch of folks!  I also got my copy of Steve's book.    One thing I noticed is that there were a lot of handouts about veternan this and that's.  I thought it would be good to have them in at least one place on the web.  I don't know of anywhere else, so I made one.  Check it out!  Use the contact page to get your event listed there.

Chaplain's Corner
Our post Chaplain, David DeBerge, has a youtube channel!  He interviewed our Post Finance Officer, Tom Visintainer on July 25th. It's very informative!  Check it out here!
Check out David's recent  "Voice of the People" entry here:  Kenosha News VotP.  
Sign up on myLegion
Crystal Carter    August 12, 2019

Here is a link to the myLegion introduction page:  myLegion 
From this page you can sign in or create a new account.  After you sign in, you will be able to view electronic copies of Post 21 newsletters, and many other things pertaining to your membership in The American Legion!  Don't miss news about the benefits of Your membership.
Call for Content
Paul Ciarelli    August 2019

Do you have a little Lois Lane or  Jimmy Olsen, in you, or a little bit of both?   If you have articles, pictures, or ideas on what should or could be on this new website, please use the "Contact Us" page to submit them!

*****  WARNING  *****
Phishing Telephone Calls to American Legion Members
Several members have indicated they were called by someone claiming to represent The American Legion -- specifically National Adjutant Dan Wheeler -- requesting the member’s checking account number so they could make a donation to The American Legion.  Anyone making such a call is operating a scam.
The American Legion National Headquarters has not and will never call members requesting this type of information!
A Word to the Wise about Internet Bad Guys.
P. Ciarelli   August 21, 2019

This website, and many others that you visit, contain a certain amount of personal information, such as our names, dates of events, etc.  The bad guys out there use that to call you and try to fool you into giving up your personal information.  For example, some jerk might call and say that he's a member (using one of our names)  that is collecting donations for one of our events.  They can be terribly convincing.  Don't buy it.  That's not how good businesses do business.  Hanging up is the best policy.  If you're not comfortable doing that, hang up quietly.  Better yet, don't pick up the line in the first place.  Also, look into a wonderful service called Nomorobo.  I know that it is free with Spectrum land lines.  We use it and hardly any calls get through.  It rings once then it goes to... well, who cares!  There are also paid alternatives for cell lines.  Check with your carrier.

This kind of thing is nothing new.  I was working at a gas station when I was in high school in the 70's.   During the gas crisis (remember that!) there were mile long lines of cars trying to fill up when they saw a gas station that was open.  On one of those days, I was pumping gas one car after another, and soon people started handing me tickets saying that they prepaid for gas with some guy down the street.  Those weren't happy encounters.   What a day.  At least the gas was only 35 cents a gallon.    The gas station owner, Don Burlas, used to let our families come down late at night to fill up!  He was one top notch guy.

Update:  If you want an idea how scary it is out there, check out the blog from this Security Awareness company.
Introducing the Red, White, and Blue pages
Paul Ciarelli    August 15, 2019

I was looking up a business to do some gutter work on my house and I wondered if anyone in the post had a gutter business.  After realizing that there was no way for me to know that, I thought it would be useful to have a web page dedicated for advertising Veteran Owned Businesses.   That would include your immidiate famly member's businesses also.    Ads on this page will be free.  (Donations won't be turned down!) There would still be a small fee for advertisements on other pages.    Oh, by the way, any VOB's out there that do gutters?
More information about Pvt. Paul E. Herrick. 
Missing Marines  -  The author of the Missing Marines website has a link to a book he wrote at the top of the page.   Give that link a click, it looks very interesting.

Did this site pique your interest about The American Legion?
P. Ciarelli  October 30, 2019

Take the next step and make muster at one of our monthly meetings. They are on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm. We'd sure like to hear a NEW sea/war story or two.​​​​​​​ Here's a link to some of the benefits of membership...