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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to our new website. We hope it is useful to our members, all veterans, and the public. Just as a Navy ship coming out of dry dock still needs a lot of work before she’s ready for action, so does this site. All hands are necessary to make sure we are battle ready. So secure the needle guns and paint brushes, ready the special sea and anchor detail, and giver her a good shakedown. Please take a good look and give us your comments and suggestions in the comments section, email, or even wrap a piece of paper around a spanner wrench and throw it at us. It’s time to bring our Preamble to the Constitution to life.

Underway, shift colors!

Joe Campolo Recognized

The Second Judicial District of Wisconsin Veterans Treatment Court gave special recognition to post member JoeContinue Reading

TLS Veterans Presentation

At the December Member Meeting last night, Ray Andersen, A retired U.S. Marine, gave a presentationContinue Reading

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Financial Scam Presentation

I attended an Elderly Financial Scam class put on by the Twin Lakes Police Department today at 1430. Capt Hall and Officer Ebert gave the class. It was very informative and I didn’t realize how many of our elderly were affected by this. The elderly person does not have to be family. It could be someone who is a Veteran or civilian.

I am trying to find out who the P.O.C. for Kenosha PD and Kenosha Co Sheriff’s Office is so we can get this information to our elderly. If you have information, let us know so we can post it. Maybe we can get a class here in town.

If the named Departments have problems getting a case put together, there is a retired Kenosha PD Det who works for the County of Kenosha Department of Human Services. Her name is Diane Walton, Financial Abuse Investigator. Her number is (262)-605-6619. The calls made to her are confidential and she can get information easier than the Police can because she is not required to have a warrant.

So if you see, hear, or suspect that an elderly person is being financially scammed, get ahold of KPD or Diane. She is more than happy to take your call.

Consider attending one of these classes out in the County or otherwise if you hear about. Bring your elderly friends and relatives. They are free.

Veteran Owned / Friendly Businesses

Paul Herrick Post 21 Makes the Front Page

I’ve been delinquent lately concerning updates to this website as I’ve been trying to rebuild it using more modern software.  What I’m not to busy for though is to tip my hat to Tom Visintainer for organizing the various Veternans Day ceremonies that were held at the post this past week.  It looks like the Kenosha News thought he did pretty good too because we got the front page.   Big shout out to the Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans Honor Guard and the active members who made it possible.  

Access to Commissary, Military Service Exchange, and MWR to begin on Jan 1, 2020 for many veterans.

If you fall into one of these categories, check out the links in this article.

  • Veterans
    • Purple Heart recipients
    • former prisoners of war
    • Veterans with 0-90% service-connected disability ratings
Continue Reading


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Chaplain’s Corner

Our post Chaplain, David DeBerge, has a youtube channel!  He interviewed our Post Finance Officer, Tom Visintainer on July 25th. It’s very informative!  Check it out here!
Check out David’s recent  “Voice of the People” entry here:  Kenosha News VotP.

Dave’s Youtube channel is here:Make a Choice to Rejoice

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Do you have a little Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen in you, or a little bit of both? If you have articles, pictures, or ideas on what should or could be on YOUR website, please use the "Contact Us" page to, well, contact us about it!

More information about Pvt. Paul E. Herrick

Missing Marines - The author of the Missing Marines website has a link to a book he wrote at the top of the page. Give that link a click, it looks very interesting.



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