This is a memorial page for the citizens of Kenosha to honor their veterans. Membership in a particular veteran club or group does not matter, we are all veterans.

If your Dad, Grandmother, Uncle etc. was a veteran you are welcome to submit pictures (preferably in uniform) and no more than 25 words of text to identify them. Submissions can be emailed to, or mailed to 504 58th Street, Kenosha, WI, 53140.

NOTE: The Officers of American Legion Post 21 reserve the right to refuse submissions for any reason, invariably those that they feel are offensive, inappropriate, or represent anything contrary to the American Legion Constitution, especially the Preamble. While we make every effort to keep the site secure as a matter of course, please note that anyone visiting the site will be able to take screenshots of anything posted. We reserve the right to re-arrange, change the presentation method, and move or remove the page at anytime and without notice.

Please note that we cannot bear the burden of returning physical entries. However, please use the contact form to discuss other options for submitting your pictures. Sending Pictues via email is the best option. You don’t need anything more than the camera on your phone to send us a copy.


  1. My father, Joseph Campolo Jr was a Vietnam Veteran. He is also an author and has written 3 books, Back To The World, The Kansas NCO, and Three Wars. I’m very thankful and grateful for everything he has taught me and has done! He is definitely an inspiration for so many people! Thanks dad for your service and for sharing your experiences through your writing!

  2. My boyfriend Michael Hellquist served 9+ years in the US Army. Thank you for defending our Country. Love you!

  3. I would like to honor my Grandfather and Father. George A. Swenson Sr. served in the USMC during the Korean Era playing war games in Japan as the cease fire was signed while he was in transport to Korea.

    Robert E. Hellquist Jr. served in the USMC in the 1980s.

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