How Post 21 got it’s name

From what I gather in these articles, after World War 2 there was some kind of agreement between WWII veterans and Post 21 who were all WW I veterans at the time, so the WWII members chartered their own Post 429 using the tradition of naming a post in honor of the first Veteran to die in the war, in this case, Paul E. Herrick. Post 21 did not have a namesake because they could not make a definitive determination of exactly which Kenosha Citizen died first in World War 1. At some point the two groups reconciled and on April 5, 1950 Post 429 voted to merge with Post 21. The last meeting of Post 429 was Sept. 18, 1951. This was the meeting where they actually became The American Legion, Kenosha Paul Herrick Post 21.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 429 existed at least into 1952. I have not found out what happened to them. I suspect they either disbanded, or merged with another Auxiliary Unit.

Why there were two posts in the City of Kenosha (Note there are two articles in the third column.)
Post 429 Votes to Merge with Post 21 on April 5th, 1950
Important Dates Anniversary in the History of Posts 21 and 429.