Sons of the American Legion – 2019 Staff

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Commander                  Elijah Bogar

Vice Cmdr                     Jon Sutter 

Adjutant                     Tom Visintainer

Finance Officer             Tom Visintainer

Chaplain                       Carl Bogar Jr.

Historian                      Carl Bogar Jr.  

Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday’s the month at 7pm


  1. Can we update the SAL officers list?

  2. Would like to rejoin squadron 21. Was a member back in the 60s! My dad, Bill Lyons, Sr was a life post member.

    1. Dave, I’m glad you found us! We would be glad to have you back and maybe hear some stories from back then. I’ll forward your request to Squadron 21 Staff. I’m looking forward to meeting you! Paul

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