Access to Commissary, Military Service Exchange, and MWR to begin on Jan 1, 2020 for many veterans.

If you fall into one of these categories, check out the links in this article.

  • Veterans
    • Purple Heart recipients
    • former prisoners of war
    • Veterans with 0-90% service-connected disability ratings

(For former service members who have not yet sought disability compensation from VA, visit

  • Medal of Honor recipients and Veterans with 100% service-connected disability ratings are already eligible under existing DOD policy.
  • Caregivers
    • On Jan. 1, individuals approved and designated as the primary family caregiver of an eligible veteran under the PCAFC will be eligible for these privileges.
    • For information about primary family caregivers in the PCAFC, visit

US Department of Veterans Affairs announcement Article​​​​​​​

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