Randolph Granger joined Post 21 forty years ago to help a friend work Kenosha’s 4th of July fireworks display which was performed by Post 21 at the time.  He remembers those days fondly.  He had been at the post previously, “as a kid” when the Post hosted teen dances.

Randy Granger with his latest donation

At our August member meeting Randy presented the post with the pictured artwork which is a signed pen and ink drawing of the USS Arizona (BB-39) Underway.  The work was created on the 40th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. In the past, he also donated other items, such as another framed picture of the Arizona Memorial, a picture of a funeral caisson, and a Legion Police Badge.   The Grangers have a long legacy in the Legion as Randy’s

father used to write articles for The American Legion Magazine.Randy and his wife Lori, a US Army veteran herself, are currently downsizing and thought that Post 21 was the right place for it. Randy assured us he will come down from time to time to visit us and have a look at a favorite old picture. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Granger!

Because of the pandemic, member meetings have been cancelled until January. That does not mean that we are not active. We are working on improvements to the kitchen to enhance our ability to earn funds necessary to fulfill our primary mission of helping Veterans, our community, and our country. As soon as the Executive Board approves the minutes I’ll be sending out a summary.

We have some plumbing work that needs to be done, and Jerry Jones is back as the Historian Committee Chairman. He has done a outstanding job of saving and organizing our Post history, and we have started a project to digitize articles and pictures. Anyone interested in helping out should contact us.

Paul Herrick Post 21 has the honor of hosting the 1st District POW/MIA Silent March this year, and because of recent events we would like to make it a special one.

We, the stewards of Paul Herrick Post 21, paid for by the citizens of this great city, continue to serve the United States of America. We made an oath to this country that did not stop when we changed into civilian clothes. We have the responsibility to make the Post a bastion of patriotism in downtown Kenosha. We also have the responsibility to be a voice for those that gave up their voices for our country. No matter what political party, race, religion, or sex, we stand as one honoring those that did not come home yet.

Let us never forget.

Join us on September 19th, 2020 at 9:00 am in front of the Post.
Registration & Assembly: 9 AM
Silent March: 11 AM
Ceremony: 11:30 AM

For more information Contact, 
Tom Visintainer at 262-620-5646

I hope you’ll excuse the lateness of this article, but while putting together the slide show that I had running during the Chili Cook-off last week, I ran across a great many veteran related graphics about the Black History Month celebration. This was what I came up with for the slide…

If you have something like this that you would like to post, please contact us! We sure could use your help.

The Second Judicial District of Wisconsin Veterans Treatment Court gave special recognition to post member Joe Campolo for his one year of service as a Veteran Mentor. The award was presented this past December.

The mission of the Veterans Treatment Court of the Second Judicial District of Wisconsin is to honor veterans by restoring them to a productive life by providing judicial support, treatment and supervision thereby enhancing public safety.

Give Joe a pat on the back when you see him!

I’ve been delinquent lately concerning updates to this website as I’ve been trying to rebuild it using more modern software.  What I’m not to busy for though is to tip my hat to Tom Visintainer for organizing the various Veternans Day ceremonies that were held at the post this past week.  It looks like the Kenosha News thought he did pretty good too because we got the front page.   Big shout out to the Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans Honor Guard and the active members who made it possible.  

Hey, that’s a good idea! Everyone at the post will be interested. I’ll send out a text message… and without thinking about it, off it goes, AT 10pm, oops. It sure is tempting to send a quick text message to your pals, but nobody want to hear about non emergencies after, say 8pm. I’m guilty as anyone, but maybe it’s time to make some rules. Any comments???

Did you know that our post historian, Carl Bogar, is a bonified historian.  He certainly proved it to a group of Boy/Cub Scouts this past Thursday at Jeffery Elementary School.  The presentation was very informative, and I can say with confidence that everyone there learned something.  I hope I can speak for everyone in thanking Carl for representing the Post so well.   

Carl Bogar educating local scout troop on the history of the American Flag

I was just perusing facebook and was inspired by one of Wendy Smith’s posts.  Actually, I’m inspired by a lot of her posts, but this one in particular caught my attention because it involved Coach John Wooden.  Coach Wooden was famous as UCLA’s basketball coach when his teams won ten NCAA National Championships in a 12 year period.  That included 7 in a row, which is still (I believe) a record.  For those of you from Wisconsin, Coach Wooden ranks right up there with Coach Lombardi, you just may not know it yet.  

     I first heard about Coach Wooden when I was a kid playing basketball with my friends.  His players such as Lew Alcindor (aka Kareem Abdul-Jabar)  and Bill Walton were always on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  But far later in life when I was looking for inspiration, I found Coach Wooden on the web.  (When you are ready to learn, your teacher will appear!)  His quotes or “Woodisms” are in every list of quotes worth looking at.  

     At the time, I thought so much of his words, I created a mini-poster for my children as they went off to college with the instructions to cover their eyes and poke at something to read every day.    I’ve included an updated version here.  At this point, I’ll let Coach Wooden have the floor…