I hope you’ll excuse the lateness of this article, but while putting together the slide show that I had running during the Chili Cook-off last week, I ran across a great many veteran related graphics about the Black History Month celebration. This was what I came up with for the slide…

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Welcome to our new website. We hope it is useful to our members, all veterans, and the public. Just as a Navy ship coming out of dry dock still needs a lot of work before she’s ready for action, so does this site. All hands are necessary to make sure we are battle ready. So secure the needle guns and paint brushes, ready the special sea and anchor detail, and giver her a good shakedown. Please take a good look and give us your comments and suggestions in the comments section, email, or even wrap a piece of paper around a spanner wrench and throw it at us. It’s time to bring our Preamble to the Constitution to life.

Underway, shift colors!

The Second Judicial District of Wisconsin Veterans Treatment Court gave special recognition to post member Joe Campolo for his one year of service as a Veteran Mentor. The award was presented this past December.

The mission of the Veterans Treatment Court of the Second Judicial District of Wisconsin is to honor veterans by restoring them to a productive life by providing judicial support, treatment and supervision thereby enhancing public safety.

Give Joe a pat on the back when you see him!