Did you know that membership in the Kenosha Public Library comes with free access to Lynda.com!!!  Lynda.com has hundreds of online classes for just about everything!  Here’s some examples:

Some topics from Kenosha Public Library’s free access to Lynda.com

That’s just some examples from the design area! They have 63 classes on different facets of WordPress alone! I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it’s a retiree’s dream come true. The only question now is who is going to take the website over from me!

The best place to start would be at the help counter at the library. You have to go there to establish a electronic library card. Look into the other e-media. Libby, for example, is an phone / pad app that lets you check out books, magazines, even music!

P.S. My grandmother used to tell me to “Go to the Library, that’s where the smart people go!”

Thank you to the Businesses and people that supported the Pancake & Porky on August 31, 2019

Fair Oakes Farms LLC​​​​
Festival Foods​​​​​
GFS Marketplace​​​​​
Cortese’s / Filomena’s Restaurant​​
Public Craft Brewing​​​​
Swedes Pub​​​​​​
Something Different​​​​
Wine Knot​​​​​​
58 Below​​​​​​

Woodmen’s Market
Steinbreck’s Piggly Wiggly
Cordeck Building Solutions
Lemon Street Gallery
Sazzy B/The Buzz
Donna’s Gymnastics
Fec’s Place
Jean Rabe
Mike & Tracy Teurle​

And the many “Friends of the Legion”

American Legion Auliliary HQ – May 22, 2019

ALA National Headquarters has been advised of an email scam in which National President Kathy Dungan’s name is included in a request for gift cards to be given to our veterans. The message is signed “Kathy Dungan, President, ALA” and the sender’s email address is reference@mygreatassociation.com. This is not a legitimate email from Kathy or the ALA National Organization. Do not click on any links embedded in the email, and do not contact the sender. Please delete the message if it reaches your inbox.